6 Errors that prevent you from waking up full of energy

The other day I went to the movies and I arrived when the movie had already started. It took me a few minutes to understand what was happening with the images on the screen. This is how the days feel when you wake up tired – incomplete and without focus.

The first hours of the morning are a kind of dominoes that when falling generate a chain reaction. Determine how the rest of your day will be.

When you wake up quietly, you take a relaxing bath, have a leisurely breakfast and sit down to savor the coffee, you are full of energy and have the best attitude to deal with traffic jams. However, if you wake up late and walk out the door without having washed your face, you start empty and you will most likely experience anxiety attacks when the traffic stops. The rest of your day will flow in a disorderly manner.

The first hours of the morning are a kind of domino that determines how the rest of your day will be.
The only difference between the two scenarios is you. You have to choose How are you going to wake up?

If you usually wake up exhausted, rather than trying to fix your mornings, you should pay attention to everything you do before going to sleep. There are six mistakes you may be making. Check them and start to wake up full of energy.

Error # 1: One more chapter …

Thanks to this excuse I spent several sleepless nights, moving forward with the four seasons of Velvet and the three of Stranger Things. Although I swore I would only see one chapter to relax, I was hooked until my eyes burned and I could not stand it anymore. As a result, I woke up tired, regretful and without energy.

When I finished the two series I decided it was enough and blocked Netflix from my life. Instead of crushing in front of the TV, I began to meditate and plan my activities the next day (see point 2) in the afternoons.

If you are addicted to Netflix, look for other activities that help you slow down. You can do Yoga stretches, listen to an audiobook, read a novel or write in a diary. You will end the day feeling relaxed and you can use the night for what it really is: recharge your batteries.

Mistake # 2: I do not know what I’m going to do today

The first hours after waking up are the most creative you have. It’s when your brain works to the fullest. If you start the day trying to choose the clothes you are going to wear or are worried about breakfast, you waste energy that you could invest in more important projects: your dream of being a Freelance, getting a raise or learning to play the guitar.

The solution is simple: Never go to sleep without writing a plan for the next day.
Start by deciding what your 3 priorities will be, the activities that will move you forward with your goals. For example, if you currently have a job and want to be a Freelance to have more control of your time, the top 3 could be:

Write a proposal explaining the services I offer
Find two people who might be interested in being mir clients
Send them my proposal
The next step is to prepare your day so that all three activities really happen. Ask yourself the following questions:
What do I have to do today to fulfill my 3 priorities?
What do I have to do tomorrow?
Your answers will be similar to these

Choose the clothes that I will use tomorrow
Save the computer and the charger in my bag so as not to forget them
Prepare lunch for lunch. This way I do not have to leave the office and I will have time to look for possible clients.
Lie down before 10

Get up at 6, get to Starbucks at 7 (ask for a bagel and black tea) and write my proposal before going to work
Leave work at 7 (at the latest), get home and send the proposal
When you wake up and know that all the elements are ready, you will not have to waste time or energy thinking about what to do with your day. In addition, you will feel a kind of inertia that pulls you and helps you to really fulfill your three priorities.

Mistake # 3: How lazy to pick up

Waking up and seeing a chaos around you is the easiest way to feel overwhelmed with the day that is just beginning. Before going to bed, walk around your house and accommodate everything that is out of place. You will wake up to a feeling of lightness and tranquility.

Error # 4: I have to see cell phone notifications

When you wake up your mind is empty. No noise on the street. Nobody calls you or sends WhatsApp messages. The little birds sing. You get a ray of sunshine. Do not ruin the moment by reviewing cell phone notifications that arrived at night. You will occupy your head with slopes that, most of the time, are not even yours.

One way to avoid temptation is to put the phone in silence a few hours before going to sleep. Keep it in your bag and do not see it again until you’ve left home. If you need an alarm, use a normal alarm clock.

Take advantage of the time you spend reviewing notifications to perform an activity that you enjoy and that fills you with energy. You can write, read, dance, paint, exercise or tend your garden for 5-10 minutes. This moment will make you feel good and will make you feel active.

Mistake # 5: I was already hungry

Avoid fats, alcohol, white flour and stimulants like black tea or coffee before bedtime. In this way, your body can recharge your battery instead of spending unnecessary energy digesting crap.

Mistake # 6: I do not like to make the bed

What do we have in common Buddhist monks, military strategists, Gretchen Rubin and me?

We all recommend making the bed as soon as you get up. By doing so, you get the first achievement of the day and tell your subconscious that you are in control. It makes you feel efficient, productive and orderly. A plus is that you avoid going back to bed because it looks very comfortable and you want to enjoy it.

This is not an activity that you should prepare before going to sleep, but I wanted to mention it because it also helps you feel more energized during the day.

Now that you know the 6 mistakes that ruin your mornings, choose one and give it a solution. There are always unexpected situations, but you can not let your days continue incompletely, leaving things to chance.

Decide to resume your mornings and you will resume control of your life.